Dad Speak: Time is the Enemy

I was 33 years old when I started my first company. Since this would be my first, I sought out as much advice as I could get. Fortunately, because I had spent the last 7 years running Per Se, there was no shortage of access to the greatest minds and titans of industry. I called in every favor I could. 

I’ll never forget the intensity and clarity on one man’s face when he said, “Time is the enemy.” He wasn’t saying this with fear or anxiety or with the goal of passing either of those things along to me. He was relaying the only thing I could control as an entrepreneur. 

His point was simple: Time is money; money is scarce; don’t waste time. He encouraged risk taking. He encouraged trying things. He encouraged testing and spending to learn. He encouraged showing up. Win or lose, at least that was money well spent. On the flipside, not respecting the clock, putting things off, and filling tomorrow’s to-do list with today’s much needed actions were a complete loss.

I’m grateful beyond all measures for these words of advice--but not just because they impacted my business decisions. To this day, they’ve changed how I behave as a dad.

My wife shared this Instagram image with me awhile back and those same words were the first thing that popped into my head: Time is the enemy.


While it may sometimes feel like I have a whole lifetime to show up for my kids, I won’t waste a single minute not trying now.