Dad Speak: Learning to Let Go

As some of you may know, before becoming a father and opening Union Square Play, my world was hospitality. After running operations for Chef Thomas Keller and Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten in New York for many years, I co-founded the Welcome Conference in 2014 with Will Guidara (Eleven Madison Park, The NoMad). The event brings together people passionate about hospitality for a full day of inspiration from keynote speakers and their peers. June 3rd was our 6th conference.

This year, we asked our Welcome Conference speakers to share a person, place, or thing that is meaningful to them. My pick? A children’s book: Remarkably You, by Pat Zietlow Miller.

Ever since my daughter, Gaia, was born, I’ve noticed one thing: I was constantly telling her, “Be careful.” Whether she was jumping on the couch or reaching for a shiny metal object, my instinct was to stop her rather than trust (and observe) her. As soon as I opened my mouth to say, “Be careful,” all I was instilling in her was fear. I don’t want Gaia or my 18-month-old son, Rudy, to have their lives ruled by fear. Instead, I want them to be bold, be brave, be proud, be thoughtful, be savvy, be funny, be kind—be whatever it is that makes them remarkably themselves.

Watch the video for the full talk. 

Happy Father's Day! 
With Love,