Freeflow with Jennie Mo': Tempo Talk

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We have a very specific adult pace of life and children have their own tempo, which doesn’t bode well for certain situations. As young children begin to assert themselves more and more, it may seem like everything is a battle. But the truth is, it doesn’t have to be. 

When your child is becoming more capable and more independent, they will feel not only a desire to do things for themselves but a NEED to. Knowing this alone is enough to help you take a step back sometimes, to put aside the rushing and just give a few extra moments for your child to attempt to put a shoe on, pull a zipper, or feed themselves (even if it means an extra 10 minutes to clean up the insane mess after). 

Allowing them to do things that we’re needlessly prohibiting can be a game changer. I came across this anonymously written post a few days ago and it changed my life. It’s things I knew about “the terrible 2’s” but needed a very real reminder of. Maybe you’ll need it too :)

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