Avoiding the Lunch Rush


Our babies and toddlers at Union Square Play might not be quite at the age for lunch period at school, but here’s some food for thought: Across the country, public schools are cutting down on lunchtime in order to make more time for curriculum. While we agree that education is a top priority, we also think that a lot can be learned during lunchtime.

As of now, each state has requirements when it comes to the number of hours children spend in school.

There are also requirements around the number of calories in school-provided lunches. But there are no rules around how much time kids have to eat lunch. Sometimes, they are only given 15-20 minutes to get ready for lunch, stand in line, get their meal, and eat, resulting in full trays being dumped when the recess bell rings. 

By restricting the time that students have to eat lunch, kids are not only missing out on getting the proper fuel for their day, they’re also missing out on the opportunity to learn how to be social at the table.

Many people aren’t having it. Parents are starting Change.org petitions for more lunchtime and the American Academy for Pediatrics is pushing for at least 20 minutes of seated meal time.

All this is to say that how you feed your children is just as important as what you feed your children. Giving our babies time, space, and freedom during mealtimes nurtures independent little ones who know how to sit down and enjoy their food. Whether it’s mealtime or playtime, let’s resist the urge to hurry our kids along. Save the taste of rushing for adulthood!

Kiyomi DongComment