Don't tell the babies...

...but Union Square Play may have just gotten better as a big kid. In 2018, we launched USP with babies in tow, building the fun for ourselves. Now, our little ones are growing up, and so are we! Get ready for a thrilling new lineup of classes that spark curiosity, inspire growth, and lead to giant leaps of thriving.

Big Kid & Semester Classes

Each week, we'll build on what we've learned before, helping your Big Kid gain a deeper understanding and stronger skills within the selected class.

  • 2024 Winter / Spring combined semester is 20 weeks. Pay for 18 weeks and get two as a bonus, or choose two vacation dates that work for you.
  • You must register ahead of time.
  • For each class, we need to have a minimum number of students enrolled to proceed. If the minimum requirement is not met, we will offer a full refund, so spread the word!

Select a class below to see all additional details.

Cancellation Policy - Winter/Spring

Schedules are rigid, kids are not. Let’s make this easy. Each semester has two free classes built in. Use it for your winter break, spring break, or sick break. If you don’t need it, you’ll get to attend two weeks free!