Mom Groups

Is isolation making you go stir crazy? We got you, mama. As the saying goes, it takes a village. At Union Square Play, we believe it takes community to thrive in the parenting process. Whether you are an expecting, new, or seasoned mom, this is the place to find your crew! Each week, your group will connect over Zoom to share about life as a mom, hear from specialists, and find some “you” time somewhere along the way. 

Group participation includes:

·Eight group meetings via zoom

·Groups are run by developmental specialists and mental health experts

·Relevant specialists visits and opportunities for Q & A

·A group liaison per group to support you with all things USP

·Discounted Kids classes through USP Online

8 Weeks for less than $45/week

Find a group and leader that fits you best.

—Expecting Mamas (for pregnant women in their 2nd or 3rd trimester)
—Just Hatched (for first-time moms of infants 0-6 months)
—Six Down (for moms of babies 6-12 months)
—Someone’s One (for moms of toddlers 12-24 months)
—Who’s Two? (for moms of toddlers 24-36 months)
—Being Three (for moms of toddlers 36-48 months)
—Two Times a Mama (for moms with second babies under 6 months)

Current groups:

More coming soon. Follow us on Instagram or sign up for our newsletter to find out when.