Fall 2021 Mom Groups

Being pregnant, becoming a new mama, and going through all that motherhood brings is wild! We. Get. That. And that's why we've designed three different types of mom groups aimed to meet you exactly where you are in this journey. Our goal is to support you with information, options, and a loving support system so that you can claim the experience that is best for you and your family.

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Meet Our Facilitators

Rachel Hoffman

One session with Rachel and you’ll find yourself laughing and nodding your head profusely at her realizations about motherhood. A first-time mom to 13 month-old Mia, Rachel is no bullshit. (Are we allowed to say that here? Earmuffs, kids.) Her refreshing approach encourages parents to be themselves, relax with each other, and share all the highs and lows that come along with raising kids. Not to mention, as a former longtime teacher of 4th and 5th graders, she puts together a mean lesson plan with plenty of room for improvisation, participation, and yes, of course, fun!

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Nicole Katz


Combining over 25 years of yoga practice with a decade of yoga therapy experience and a bit of a type A personality Nicole brings a unique blend of loving spiritual deep dive and no nonsense problem solving to her moms groups. Mother of 2, one of 4 sisters (who all have children of their own) and teacher to hundreds of moms over the years Nicole has seen first hand how important and profound integrating the strengths and challenges of motherhood into our lives as women can be. Nicole’s biggest hope for moms in her groups is that they leave much more supported, a little more informed and a LOT more empowered.

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Brittany Wayne

Brittany’s groups feel like group therapy and a fun night out with girlfriends mixed into one. When not leading groups, Brittany can usually be found cooking with one hand, vacuuming with the other, and chasing her toddler around the house, all while listening to a conference call. The ultimate multitasker, Brittany knows a thing or two about the mental load of motherhood. After experiencing a lengthy fertility journey, a long-awaited pregnancy overshadowed by severe perinatal depression, and the challenge of being a new mom working full-time without childcare during the pandemic, Brittany felt firsthand the urgency and necessity of supporting women in similar situations.

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Our Groups

Expecting Mamas

Exactly as it sounds, except that this is not your mama's birth class! Led by Yogini, Nicole Katz, this is part birth education, part birth preparation, part yoga therapy, and a big dose of community.

This series meets on Thursdays at 5:30pm ET with Nicole.



Just Hatched

You're in the trenches and everything is flipped upside down. Insert other Mamas going through the exact same thing as you are, and that's where the magic happens. It's all about power in numbers.

This series meets on Tuesdays at 11:00am ET with Nicole.


All About Mama

Let’s face it, motherhood is amazing, rewarding, inspiring, and earth shattering, and it’s also really really hard. This is a space to talk through it all Trust us, you're not meant to do it alone.

This series meets at a few different times with all of our facilitators.


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