We become parents and our world suddenly changes.

While we embrace change, we recognize it can be overwhelming and isolating. Union Square Play was born in 2018 because we, three like-minded parents, all felt the need for a supportive community and play space that put parents and their children first.

We know there is a gap in terms of what thoughtful parenting is and how to actually achieve it. Through classes, activities, parenting groups, and events, we’ve quickly learned the value of community and how critical it is during those early years of parenting. We’re on the journey of parenting with you--through the ups and the downs.

  • Sandra DiCapua

    Co-founder and Chief People Officer

    Favorite parenting hack: Always carry a snack!

  • Anthony Rudolf

    Co-founder and CEO

    Favorite parenting hack: Plug the bottom of an ice cream cone with a mini marshmallow to prevent any dripping

  • Jennie Monness

    Co-founder and Chief Content Officer

    Favorite parenting hack: Using a puppet to connect with a child when they’re stuck. I call mine Kiki!