This fall...

Join us for an exciting semester filled with engaging activities designed to foster creativity, learning, and fun!

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Play, Move & Dance

Our courses are tailored to different age groups and interests to ensure every child finds something they love.

Our Locations
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Education Through Art: LEGO Brick Creations - Pre-K - K

15 weeks

Lego Creations is focused on creating while developing a growth mindset!

67 E 11th Street, NYC
245 E 84th Street, NYC

Mastering Movement with Dionne

Advancing Big Kids will practice more motor and non-motor skills such as hopping, skipping, balancing, and lunging.

67 E 11th Street, NYC
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Dance! Play! Ballet! 

15 weeks

3 years - Pre-K. Uniquely designed for Union Square Play by Colby Treat and Lauren Treat (sisters and professional dancers) in partnership with Dionne Kamara, this class is all of the best traditions of ballet in a nontraditional setting!

67 E 11th Street, NYC