Union Square Play + Coterie

We've partnered with Coterie to bring an Expecting Mamas group to 12 lucky winners, entirely for free.

First, a bit about the group:

8 one-hour virtual sessions | $395 value

Who should join: Pregnant women in their 2nd or 3rd trimester

What to expect: Not your mama's birth class! Created and led by long time yogini, yoga therapist, and mommy of two, Nicole Katz. Part birth education, part birth preparation, part yoga therapy, and a big dose of community, this birth class focuses on two important principles:

  1. If we support, educate and empower moms during pregnancy and for the labor process they are able to claim their birth experience. In the claiming of their birth experience they are better prepared for the fierce and wonderful journey of motherhood ahead and more well armed to handle challenges as they arise. 
  2. Motherhood is a profoundly transformative experience. When viewed consciously can leave mom feeling stronger, fiercer and more connected to her capacity for, and ability to love than ever before. 

When you'll meet: Weekly on Thursdays at 11:30am EST from July 15th - September 2nd. All meetings held via Zoom.

Group Host: Nicole Katz - Our in-house yogi and supreme champion of inner mama strength. As a certified Structural Yoga Therapist, Nicole incorporates a holistic view of birth and mothering throughout her groups. 

Her own journey through pregnancies, loss, home births, and getting back into a body that is fiercer than before led Nicole to devote herself to pre and postnatal training and care. 

Currently living in NYC with her husband and two girls, Nicole leads a monthly yoga therapy program, THE MAT with Nicole Katz, in addition to private clients and her beloved USP moms groups. Nicole profoundly believes that pregnancy, birth, and motherhood are strength-based actions. A prepared, informed, and empowered mama gets to be present to the process and enjoy it so much more!

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