Parenting Groups

Mom Groups

Mom Groups offer every mom a unique experience with a common theme: support, safety, sisterhood, strength, and sense of belonging. After all, USP is here to make your life a little bit easier, a lot more fun, and very communal.

Whether you’re pregnant, adjusting to life as a new mom, or want talk All About Mama (no baby talk or age/stage guidelines), we have a Mom Group for you!

Groups include 8 one-hour virtual sessions and cost $395.
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Group Types

Expecting Mamas: Not your mama's birth class! Created and led by long time yogini, yoga therapist, and mommy of two, Nicole Katz. Part birth education, part birth preparation, part yoga therapy, and a big dose of community, this birth class focuses on two important principles:
  1. If we support, educate and empower moms during pregnancy and for the labor process they are able to claim their birth experience. In the claiming of their birth experience they are better prepared for the fierce and wonderful journey of motherhood ahead and more well armed to handle challenges as they arise.
  2. Motherhood is a profoundly transformative experience. When viewed consciously can leave mom feeling stronger, fiercer and more connected to her capacity for, and ability to love than ever before.

Just Hatched: You’ve got a newborn in your arms and a million tips, book titles, blogs, and other parental tidbits swimming around in your head. Connecting with your baby can, in fact, be simple, real, and authentic. Our meetups are designed to help you learn how to stay present and aware as you raise your baby. Each week will bring new insight into parenting, some visits from topic experts, and specialists to give you straightforward advice and peace of mind.

All About Mama: Let’s face it, motherhood is amazing, rewarding, inspiring, and earth shattering- but- it’s also really really hard. All About Mama is your new secret weapon.  AAM is a weekly group designed to help you refill your tank and up your arsenal of awesome mommy cohorts. AAM is a time to focus on the needs, feelings, and experiences of motherhood that so strongly shape our lives and yet we so rarely have space to process and break down in meaningful ways. 

In addition to a solid structure of topics and helpful tools, the content of each group is also adapted to meet the needs of the mothers within each group ranging from topic changes, activities and even bringing in an expert or two. Please see below for a sample outline for one of our groups.

In addition to the strong sense of community our groups foster, each group facilitator has also been carefully chosen specifically for her ability to bring the group together. We know you will love each of them as much as we do. See below for info on this group's facilitator and the special lens she brings to motherhood and to her groups.

Which AAM group is best for you? Groups are not child age dependent. We believe bringing mothers together with all ages and numbers of children helps foster the sense of communal support and shared experience we are all craving in this modern world. We suggest picking a time that works for your schedule and a facilitator who seems like the best fit for you!

Group Leaders

Nicole Katz: Combining over 25 years of yoga practice with a decade of yoga therapy experience and a bit of a type A personality Nicole brings a unique blend of loving spiritual deep dive and no nonsense problem solving to her moms groups. Mother of 2, one of 4 sisters (who all have children of their own) and teacher to hundreds of moms over the years Nicole has seen first hand how important and profound integrating the strengths and challenges of motherhood into our lives as women can be. Nicole’s biggest hope for moms in her groups is that they leave much more supported, a little more informed and a LOT more empowered.
Rachel Hoffman: