Sophie's Neighborhood

Join Bravo’s Top Chef Season 5 Winner, Hosea Rosenberg, for a live cooking class* Saturday, June 19th supporting a very important cause. Details below.

Sophie Rosenberg, daughter of Chef Hosea Rosenberg, is one of 30 people in the world identified with Multicentric Carpotarsal Osteolysis (MCTO) Syndrome. This progressively crippling, ultra-rare bone and kidney disorder has no treatment or cure. Sophie’s Neighborhood is a nonprofit organization that was founded in response to Sophie’s diagnosis. 

Fundraising is vital to the organization, which entirely funds research towards life changing therapeutic discoveries for MCTO patients. 

We are honored to be a part of Sophie’s Neighborhood and hope that you’ll join us in supporting this incredibly important cause. We recommend a donation of $50, but feel free to donate whatever you are able. All proceeds will go directly to Sophie’s Neighborhood and aid in the race to find treatment. 


Sat, June 19, 2021
11:00am - 12:00pm ET

Cookie Recipe: Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

*Please note: the above recipe will help you get the ingredients you need so that you can get shopping and be ready to cook along with Chef Hosea!

*Zoom Link -

 As a bonus - our play expert, Hannah Ruppel, will be guiding you through decorating a box for your cookies--the perfect Father’s Day (or anytime!) gift. 


Meet Sophie:

by Hannah Ruppel

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PREP:  Low to High Prep
MATERIALS:  Around the House/Plan Ahead

I’m excited to bake cookies in honor of Father’s Day along with Hosea and his sweet daughter.  Since our cookies need something to go in, let’s decorate a box to put them in.  Gifts that come from the heart are the most treasured gifts!


A small to medium sized box
Parchment paper OR Foil
Tape - Washi or colored construction tape 
Cut out letters (D A D)
Crayons- just a few 
Photos of dad and kids or family photos (optional)
Coffee carry out container as your caddy to hold project materials


Paint sticks 
Glue -  in a jar  with a popsicle stick or a paintbrush or glue stick 
Markers- just a few 

GATHER:  After getting together chosen materials from up above you can place them in some sort of organizer, like a caddy so they are ready to go.  I am going to use a coffee carryout tray.   

*TAPE:  You can pre-cut tape into different lengths.  If you have a tray, you can attach them there.  If not, you can use a plate.  You will want to attach the tape so that a child can easily pull it off!  So, a piece will be hanging…

*LETTERS:  From a newspaper or a magazine or a book jacket (that you no longer use).  Cut out D A D!

*GLUE:  If using wet glue, pour a small amount in a jar with a lid.  You can also just use a glue stick!

*PHOTOS:  Print photos if you’d like to incorporate.


  1.  Have a conversation with your child about the special occasion of baking for Father’s Day.  
  2. Bring your materials to a workspace.
  3. Encourage your child to make a mark or several marks anywhere they’d like on the box.  They can do this with crayons, markers, or paint sticks.  
  4. Use tape to create a design.  You can create shapes, patterns, or a frame.  
  5. Choose a side where you’d like to glue the letters.  If your child is writing letters, you can also encourage them to make their own letters.  You can ask them if they’d also like you to write a message for DAD.  You can also attach a photo or photos if you have chosen to include this on the box.  Ask your child where they’d like to put the letters or photos and put a dot on the box in that place and secure the item.    
  6. Let your box dry while you prepare and bake your cookies.  
  7. Once your cookies are prepared and cooled you can place them into your box on a sheet of parchment paper.  
  8. Happy Father’s Day!