2023 Play Out East Summer Camp Available for Sale
1/22 @ 8:00pm EST

Play Out East

We've planned a summer outdoors that you deserve, will love, and probably haven’t found yet. This Summer will be filled with lots of play, sports, water activities, and more! Join us in the Hamptons this Summer.

6 - 18 months

Your child’s day will be filled with guided socialization, thoughtful play spaces, and materials for exploring. Adults will find ways to connect with one another in our shaded camp area while playing with and observing their children.


1 hour & 15 minutes
Play & Story - 30 minutes
Music - 30 minutes
Snack - 15 minutes

18 - 24 months | 24 - 36 months

Camp at this age is about socialization, routine, and exploration. At camp USP, toddlers will rotate through music, play and story, toss and catch, and snack, all guided by our awesome team of educators.


1 hour & 45 minutes
Play & Story - 30 minutes
Toss & Catch - 30 minutes
Music - 30 minutes
Snack - 15 minutes

About the Activities

  • Play & Story - At USP, we’re all about letting kids explore through open-ended play. Our educators set up suggestions for play in our shaded outdoor area with both gross motor materials and loose parts, allowing them to exercise both their big moves and their fine motor skills. We finish the session with an age-appropriate book read by our educators. This 30-minute session fosters a sense of routine while introducing kids to community and group play.
  • Toss and Catch: Curated by and designed with our friends and hosts at the Hampton Racquet Club, this 30-minute session focuses on introducing kids to the very basics of sports. It’s about rhythm, catching, throwing, hand-eye coordination, and flexibility–using mixed materials to help build these foundational skills.
  • Music: This 30-minute music session is done as a big shaded outdoor jam session with toddlers from the other USP camp groups! Sing along, dance, and shake some shakers while we rock out in this live music session.
  • Snack: One of the best parts of the day! Snack is about fueling our kiddos and also about connecting with one another over a shared experience. We’ll focus on using local seasonal ingredients as well as on bringing in some fun (and healthy!) treats. Prefer to bring your own snack? Totally cool with us. Just no nuts, please!

Even More iStore

Mom Group
with Jennie Monness
Babies 0 - 6 months

Hosted by our very own Jennie Monness, this mom group and baby hang session is for moms to connect, learn, talk and, believe it or not, relax.

Saturday Water Play
0 - 5 years old

Summer days can feel hot and long, which is why we invite the whole family to join us every Saturday to experience summer the USP way. Be prepared to see your child splashing, kicking, filling, dumping, and immersing themselves in endless water activities. We bring the setup, educators, and thoughtful materials, while you come and enjoy an entire morning for your child. Socialization for the whole family, all while staying cool.

2023 Play Out East Summer Camp Available for Sale
1/22 @ 8:00pm EST