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All About Mama with Nicole Katz

Whatever stage of motherhood you're in, All About Mama is your new secret weapon.

Virtual Thursdays at 7:30pm EST


Group Details

This group meets for 8 one-hour sessions via Zoom.

Best for: Moms in any stage, this group is about YOU and not your kids

Start and End Dates

February 10th - April 7th

All About Mama with Nicole Katz

Let’s face it, motherhood is amazing, rewarding, inspiring, and earth shattering... and it’s also really hard. All About Mama is your new secret weapon.

This weekly group will refill your tank and up your arsenal of awesome mommy cohorts. We will dive into the needs, feelings, and experiences of motherhood that so strongly shape our lives and yet, we so rarely have space to process and break down in meaningful ways.

Meet Your Group Host

This Mom Group is hosted by Nicole Katz.

Nicole is USP’s Director of Wellness, in-house yogini and supreme champion of inner mama strength. As a certified Structural Yoga Therapist, Nicole incorporates a holistic view of birth and mothering throughout her groups.

  • “This is my third mom group and my favorite. Rachel really made it feel like a bunch of friends were getting together. She made sure to check in with everyone which I appreciate because I feel I’m more of an introvert than others.”

  • “Loved Rachel. She did a fabulous job moderating and leading the group sessions and brought such positive energy to the whole experience.”

  •  "Nicole has been a fantastic facilitator, thoughtfully engaging everyone in the group in an easy, natural way. It was nice to have a safe space to open up and share experiences with other women who are on a similar journey."

  • "From the moment I logged on for our first session my shoulders dropped and my stress disappeared. Thank you Nicole for making our time together judgement free and empowering."

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