Color Craze

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Free Flow from Jennie Mo’

One of the earliest things we fixate on teaching our children is colors. Why? Maybe it’s because it’s a “school” concept and so teaching them how to identify colors makes us feel that they are “ahead” of the game if it’s done during the pre-schooling years. That being said, I think the value of learning color is that children can begin to form a cognitive link between words and visual clues. However, I think that teaching color is not our job but rather something that we can expose them to through experiences! This bundle does that. “What happens to the water when we drop this in? Oh, it changed the way it looked! That’s called color! It’s a blue color now.” I encourage you to fight the urge to quiz. Instead, see if you can find ways to expose your child to different colors and the words associated with them.


Verbal connections, sensory play, fine motor skills, and cause and effect.