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Free Flow from Jennie Mo’

We all know that play is important, but how exactly does it help a child feel good about themselves? I could write a novel about this, but there’s one dimension I want to highlight in particular; children feel good when they reach high, literally. Being able to build, create, and stack high up is a confidence builder. Children realize that they can bring ideas to life through blocks and building. Moreover, it’s a metaphor for so many of the tasks, goals, and challenges they’ll face down the road.

Additionally, recreating cities or neighborhoods--real or imaginary--brings a sense of familiarity even when they can’t venture outside as easily or go back to the city they may have left due to COVID-19. So constructing with materials and maps can help a child remember and recreate life as they knew it, while also enabling them to play out scenarios that may be causing them a sense of unease.

During building, blocks, and construction, children are asking themselves “what if?” and then figuring out what that “if” is. “What if I stack these really high?” and then seeing what happens. Is it steady? Does it topple? And what do I do if it topples? It's a way to problem solve and then a way of using that data in other areas. This bundle is meant to help your children learn that their play is literally endless and truly boundless and that they can reach high up. It’s also a way to learn that their play can represent anything they want. The key is to allow this, like all of our bundles, to be open-ended. While we give suggestions and invitations, they don’t need to be “adhered” to; each bundle allows for any interpretation and interaction from your children.



Confidence builder