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67 E 11th Street, NYC

Ramblin' Dan's Freewheelin' Band (E 11th St.)

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Energetic music classes for kids that get everyone on their feet, clapping, stomping, and singing along.

Music classes at Union Square Play are somewhere between a music lesson and a dance party and we wouldn’t have it any other way. The bandleaders from Ramblin’ Dan’s Freewheelin’ Band create a low-pressure, energetic environment that’ll get kids comfortable singing along (okay, and clapping and stomping and grooving along too) while teaching them the music basics. We’ll play with different instruments, incorporate sign language, hear a variety of music, play with props, and pair songs with all kinds of dances. So if you’re wondering if we’ll be jiggling like jellyfish or hopping like frogs, the answer is oh yes. Our goal is to create an atmosphere where kids can break out of their shells a bit, learn how to express themselves, and go home with a song in their heads.

VERY IMPORTANT! Please bring shakers, drums, bells, or any instruments you wish to bring for your child to jam on! We will have spare instruments to hand out, but to be as safe as possible we still recommend you bring your own.