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Lalo, 0 Bond Street, NYC

Let's Make a Mess (Lalo at 0 Bond)

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Finally, an entire kids’ class dedicated to making a glorious mess that isn’t in your living room.

This is the place where your child can finally make the gigantic mess they’ve dreamed about, in an environment that’s set up just for them (and we’ll take care of the clean-up.) Messy play sparks creativity and allows children to explore using their senses. Playing together in a group will encourage cooperation and connection. We’ll play with water, dough, and kinetic sand—so please dress for a mess! (Don’t worry, a play educator will make sure no one’s eating the sand.)

Speaking of thoughtful interventions...we kindly ask caregivers to put their phones on “do not disturb,” or whatever they can do to be as present in the moment as possible.