67 E 11th Street, NYC

Mo' Play - Babies

An open-ended play class with a splash of structure, including snack and storytime.

Do they want to play out an elaborate unicorn storyline? Pretend to be plumbers unclogging the tub? (Hey, it’s happened.) Reenact the last episode of Paw Patrol? In this class, we’ll allow kids to play their way, with a collection of open-ended materials with no right-or-wrong way to use them. Kids lead the way here, but we’ll prepare them for navigating social settings when we pause for a snack, sit down together for storytime, and spend time in a group. An educator will guide the caregivers on how to notice childrens’ own curiosities, and we’ll begin to learn about who our children are.

Speaking of thoughtful interventions...we kindly ask caregivers to put their phones on “do not disturb,” or whatever they can do to be as present in the moment as possible.

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