Night Night Sleep Tight

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Free Flow from Jennie Mo’

Why is bedtime so hard for young children? Even if you are lucky enough to have a “good sleeper” right from the start, chances are you will experience some sort of “rut” or resistance from your child at some point in their young lives. The reason is because children have to separate from us during their sleep. They comprehend that they must essentially say goodbye to you, and that in and of itself can evoke a lot of big emotions. Just like dropping them off at school or saying goodbye when you go to work, we must treat bedtime regressions in a similar way. Go over the routine of bedtime, acknowledge that you understand they don’t want to say bye, and reiterate that you always come back. When morning comes, you’ll see each other again. Easier said than accepted, we know.  With this bundle, we’ve brought a bit of explorations and fun to bedtime and sleep--both for children who do bedtime without protest and those who need to be reminded of just how deliciously magical it can be. And who knows? Perhaps you’ll find that yours is the child who will want to cuddle up in bed like one (or maybe two!) of the zoo animals and their zookeeper.

Welcome to Night Night Sleep Tight. 



Bedtime routines & tackling sleep challenges