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67 E 11th Street, NYC

Puppetsburg (E 11th St.)

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0 - 5 Years

A boisterous and culturally savvy kids’ puppet show with a lovable cast of characters.

“Hipster puppet show” doesn’t quite do it justice. Puppetsburg is the boisterous kids’ puppet show that goes there. Where does it go, exactly? The 45-minute interactive shows cover everything from recycling to racial equity, colors to counting. It’s as entertaining for the kids as it is for adults. Every week explores a new, culturally relevant topic with a range of characters, from world-traveling Clementine (who goes to Bollywood!) to celebrity guest puppets like Beyoncé and Dolly Parton—you really have to see it. Shows include instruments, dress-up play, and bubble time (!). Only in New York, kids.

A puppet show for babies with dress-up, dancing, and Dolly Parton.

Where Puppetsburg shows for older kids explore cultural themes and the nuances of teeth-brushing, the 45-minute show tailor-made for babies focuses on repetition, socializing, and sensory play with dress-up and bubble time. The pace is a bit slower, and we’re never quite sure if the babies can tell the difference between the puppets and humans, but it’s a barrel of fun all its own. And if you’re wondering if the hilarious celebrity puppets, from Drake to Dolly Parton, make an appearance here, you won’t be disappointed.