Tiny Tasters: Babys First Bites LIVE (4-12 Months)

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Everything you need to know about how to introduce solids and feed your babies in a safe, fun, nutritious and baby guided way.

  • When to introduce solids
  • Ways to introduce key ingredients and flavor
  • What are right first textures, and how to transition to more complex textures
  • How to let the baby guide the feeding process, ie baby guided feeding
  • Baby appropriate foods and portion sizes
  • Current recommendations on allergies and how to introduce the allergies
  • Nutritious foods to focus on (and what to avoid) during the first year
  • How to excite little taste buds to create adventurous eaters & prevent picky eating
  • How to foster positive mealtime environment
  • Gear you need to get started
  • When to wean off formula or milk
  • How to shop for baby food
  • How to make your own baby food - recipes included


  • Handouts + recipes 
  • Q&A


*You'll find the zoom link in the order confirmation and you will receive a reminder with the link prior to the class via email.
*Please log into the class 5-10 minutes before the start time and wait in the virtual waiting room, so we can start on time.
*Please turn your cameras on if you can, so that we can all see each other and feel like we are in person together!
*If you cannot attend the class, Tiny Tasters is available on demand
*Registration will close 3 hours prior to the start time.