Union Square Play

Sawyer Setup


Before you create your account, there are some things to go over along with some changes for the New Year. Please read carefully.

  1. Your new account has the same email address as your old account. Using the same one is the most important piece of information you need.

  2. If you had class or open play credits in your previous account, they will be in your new account.

  3. Our class packs are now based on price and not by educator. For example, Dionne Kamara’s movement classes and Ramblin’ Dan’s music classes are now both $35 and therefore the class packs can be used for both along with other $35 classes. There are now five tiers of class packs. If you had multiple packs within the same tier before, they have been combined to the matching tier. The most common example is having had a class pack for Dionne and a class pack for Ramblin’ Dan.

    • Class Pack A - $35 classes

    • Class Pack B - $40 classes

    • Class Pack C - $45 classes

    • Class Pack D - $50 classes

    • Play Time - All open play

  4. Our new system is now based on your kid(s) and not on you. When you claim your account, you will set up each of your children. Instructions are below…but just a few more things.

  5. Our new system no longer allows us to accept cash. Moving forward we will only be accepting credit and debit cards. If you have a caretaker come with your child, you can store a card in your account and our team can charge the account when they drop in. It’s easiest though to reserve in advance online prior to arrival.

  6. Play Time has officially increased to the full rate of $30 per day for drop ins and $270 for a 10 pack. We have also added an unlimited monthly membership for $150 per month with a 1-year commitment for 1 child and $270 per month for a family. All outstanding packs will be honored regardless of price paid until they are fully used or expired.

  7. If you have already registered for classes for the month of January, please DO NOT book again in Sawyer. We will be keeping MindBody active internally and will ensure that you are enrolled in everything that you signed up for. If you want to cancel a class, please email us at info@unionsquareplay.com.

  8. You can now inquire about birthday parties directly through Sawyer and our events team will respond directly.

  9. If you have any questions, email info@unionsquareplay.com. We’re here for you!


Current members:

Instructions for setting up your account:
First thing we’ll do is reset your password as we’ve already set up the account for you.

  1. Click button above. (it will open in new window)

  2. Enter the email from your previous account. If unsure, check the email address where you receive our newsletter. It is likely that one.

  3. Click “send reset instructions”

  4. Check your inbox for the appropriate link

  5. Change your password

  6. You should now be logged into your Sawyer account

  7. At the top you should see “Hi, {name}” or “Welcome!”

  8. Drop down that menu by clicking the little down arrow

  9. Click “Profile”

  10. Ensure all the fields are accurate and/or complete and click “Save Profile”

  11. Now let’s add your kids

  12. In the upper left you should see “My Children”, click it.

  13. Fill in the blank and click “Add Child”

  14. Do this for any kids you’ll be sending to USP. They will be listed on the roster for the classes now, not you.

  15. You can now book classes and move freely about the cabin

  16. If you had account credits prior, now is a good time to double check they are there. You’ll be able to see what they can be redeemed for in the new pack plans

  17. Click “Orders” in the drop down menu next to “Hi, {name}” at the top of the screen.

  18. Click “View Order Details” and it will list how many you have left and what they can be used for.

New members:

  1. Pick a class from our calendar that you’d like your child to attend and it will guide you through the rest of the steps intuitively.

As always, be in touch if you have any questions! And we’ll see you all at the USP Summer Block Party on the 12th!

With love and gratitude,