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Beautiful play space, engaging classes, and supportive community


It takes a village to raise a child.
— Every parent ever


We're a space for your family to play, learn, and connect.

We believe that community and thoughtful engagement are critical to kids and parents thriving. Whether it’s your first time as a parent or your tenth, the truth is, it's really hard to keep it all together. We want to make it a little easier for you. 

As parents ourselves, we’ve built Union Square Play with what we cared about the most: engaging classes, thoughtful open play, flexible booking, and, at its very core, a place that feels like home.

Our calendar is built around you—you can book any class up to 4 weeks in advance or drop-in last minute (space permitting, of course, as we are offering hot commodity classes, trust us). Nap schedules change and colds come and go, we get it! So, if something comes up last minute, we'll give you full credit for another class. 


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When choosing what classes to offer, we look for the best of the best -- content that is engaging not just entertaining. We've searched high and low for educators that are passionate about what they do, and who have thoughtfully created classes with your child's natural curiosity and development in mind. We've curated a variety of classes so that your child can engage in different activities throughout the day and week. 

As our space continues to grow, we will continue to add educators and classes to our schedule. If you have a specific class or that you'd like to see, just let us know! We're all ears and want to make Union Square Play your family's favorite place to be.

Open Play

Playing is so important. Open play offers the opportunity for self-initiation, social interaction, and the ability for your children to create their own "curriculum" in a thoughtful environment. Your child will have the space to develop their motor skills  and to express themselves creatively.

Our ground floor open play space is a carpeted area set up intentionally for gross motor play with climbers and a variety of open ended play objects. We want to encourage both independent and social play. Our other play area - just one floor below - features a cozy book nook, tables for arts and crafts, interactive sensory walls, and imaginative play. It also has two restrooms and fully stocked changing areas.