What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel any class or open play slot without penalty up to 1 hour in advance of your enrollment time. We’ll just add credit back to your account! In the event that you don’t show up for a class or play space slot or cancel within a 1-hour window, you’ll forfeit that amount.

How much are classes?

They vary from class to class. Check out our calendar for more info!

What is the age range for classes and open play?

Some of our classes welcome newborns at just 8 weeks of age! You’ll see in our calendar that some classes are age-specific while others are open to kids of all ages. (This is great for siblings who want to take classes together!) Open play is geared towards infants (8 weeks or older) who want to spend some time on the floor to 3 year olds who need a place to run around.

Can I bring snacks into Union Square Play?

We ask that you refrain from eating or drinking in the space. Kids are welcome to drink out of a sippy cup or bottle. When hunger strikes, feel free to head upstairs to Kellogg’s NYC to enjoy your snacks.

Can I drop my child off at Union Square Play?

All children need to be accompanied by an adult (parent or caretaker) at all times.

What if my kid is sick or isn't feeling well?

It takes a tribe to raise a child but only one child to make everyone sick. When in doubt, sit it out!

What about footwear?

We want to keep Union Square Play clean for your babies to lick the floor should they want to. So please remove your shoes and wear socks in our carpeted play space and classroom. Shoes are permitted downstairs besides the book nook.


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