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11 Chestnut St, Tenafly NJ

Education Through Art: Lego Creations Ages 3 - 4 years

8 weeks

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Ages: 3 - 4 years

Lego Creations is focused on creating while developing a growth mindset!

Lego creators will be challenged each week to create a flat or 3D model. Each class will begin with color and shape identification and students will practice hand-eye coordination as well as growth mindset to create their model. Creators will deconstruct their models and resort their pieces into their kit by the end of each class. Instructors will take pictures of completed models to send home to families.

*Lego Kits, Baseplates, and clear storage boxes must be purchased and clearly labeled with the child’s name in order to participate in the class. Find our favorites below!


Semester Length

8 weeks

Start / End Dates

April 8 - June 10

Blackout/Vacation Dates

April 22 & May 27


Genna Kornweiser

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