Flexibility & Savings

USP Credit is the new way to pay for play. If you love the ability to come and go as you please with our a la carte classes and want to save,we see you. Load up on credit and lock in your savings with USP Credit.

Let's Break it Down

This pricing grid does the math for you. It's based off of our standard $45 a la carte class price. The more USP Credit you buy, the more you save. The best thing about USP Credit is that you can use them for anything* and reload anytime. You don't have to wait for a semester to launch, or juggle multiple priced class packs in order to save. How much you save and when are now yours to control. 

Not sure which is right for you?

$225 Credit is great to get your feet wet. Play a little, save a little.

$450 Credit is for those that like the warm and fuzzy feeling of the old school 10 pack of classes.

$900 Credit is adored by regulars, twins, and siblings. Why only save a bit on the second kid when you can save 15% on both? Every time, together or not.

$1800 Credit gets used by people who come 2x or more per week. The ones that call us home.

*USP Credit can not be used to purchase more credit or gift cards.

  • Best Class Price

    If Sally buys $1800 USP Credit for $1440 and only wants to use it for classes, she’ll have bragging rights for having only spent $36 per class when paying with credit when her friends buy them without USP Credit for $45. That’s a class for her kiddo and guilt free oatmilk latte before every class.

  • Use for Anything*

    Sally’s mother-in-law** came into town and wanted some playtime with her grandson. Sally still saved 20% when she booked a $20 Open Play session with her remaining USP Credit. As they say, a penny saved feels even better when you get 90 minutes of You Time. 

    * USP Credit can not be used to purchase additional credit or Gift Cards.
    **Mother-in-law not included in the purchase of USP Points.