It was all a dream…I used to read Jennie’s IG stream!

It was all a dream…I used to read Jennie’s IG stream!

Why did we pick Tenafly as our next location? We didn't. Tenafly, and more specifically Jessica Sinai, picked us. 

In March 2021, we received the incredible email below. 19 months and 150+ emails later, we're weeks away from opening our doors at 11 Chestnut Street, with Jessica by our side. Her persistence and dedication to not only join us in our mission but to serve her community, paved the way. Jessica will be our Community Leader for Tenafly, perhaps the most crucial role at Union Square Play as we grow.

Meet Jessica Sinai

Community Leader: Tenafly

You can read her full bio in the email below, but here are some highlights!

  • Mom of three busy kids - 6-year-old twins and a 4-year-old
  • Early Childhood Special Educator for 12+ years
  • Local Bergen County mom (and a Bergen County resident since 1988!)
  • Loves creating opportunities for play and sharing her practice with children, parents, and caregivers

You can find Jessica at USP Tenafly, teaching play classes, hosting community events and meetups, and all the other fun things we have in store. Come visit us and get to know Jessica. Whether you live around the town or want to escape the city and head to the burbs for a familiar class in a new setting, reach out to Jessica and you’ll be welcomed as warmly as we were the first time we visited with her in Tenafly.

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