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Exciting News! We've partnered with HealthyBaby!

We are thrilled to announce our newest space in Tribeca, made possible through an exclusive partnership with HealthyBaby, the leading provider of high-performing baby products made from natural ingredients.

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Classes for infants, babies, and toddlers ages 0-5

21 Warren Street, Tribeca

At Union Square Play, our mission is to make the early years of parenthood easier, more fun, and very communal. We design our classes to nurture your child's development through engaging invitations for movement and play, all lead by some of the country's leading educators in their fields. 

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Look Who's Talking

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Let Them Play

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Rayuela Spanish Music

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Developmental Movement

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On & Off the Mat w/ Nicole Katz

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Purposeful Play


Our Partnership with HealthyBaby

We're excited and honored to partner with HealthyBaby, innovators on a mission to create a better, cleaner life for new families. Together, we offer a holistic approach to early childhood development, designed with both little ones and parents in mind.


Our experienced educators put babies' development at the forefront, honoring this fleeting and foundational time in their lives. 

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We believe in the magic of open-ended play,  allowing children to explore with their whole bodies and all of their senses.


Join us to experience the magic of Union Square Play and HealthyBaby.
📍 Location: 21 Warren Street, Tribeca 


For Parents, by Parents

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