How We Play Matters

Our classes aren't just fun, they're building blocks to develop kids' physical, emotional, cognitive, and social development. Come play with us.

The Play Lab

Sure, kids can play at home, make a big mess, fight with their siblings, and go through more glitter crayons than you ever imagined. But at the Play Lab, “play” means a little more than that. In our classes for kids of all ages (including babies!), open-ended, imaginative play teaches kids to see all the possibilities of the world around them. They’ll socialize, grow, and work on conflict resolution that’ll come in handy for, well, ever.

  • Let’s Make a Mess

    Ages: 6 months - 3 years

    Finally, an entire kids' class dedicated to making a glorious mess that isn't in your living room. Sign up and skip the cleanup.

  • Mo' Flow

    Ages: 6 months - 3 years

    Immerse your child in a sensory play experience designed by Jennie Monness that will transport them to another world and activate all of their senses.

  • City Kid NY Art Class

    Ages: 14 months - 3 years

    Come create with us as children get inspired by the greatest artists of all time! Our young artists will learn about lines, colors, shapes, and textures.

  • City Kid NY Preschool Prep

    Ages: 14 months - 3 years

    Sharpen your toddler's academic and language skills in this theme-based class that follows the structure of a preschool classroom and allows for socialization and exploration.

Music Classes

Live and interactive music and puppet shows for kids are the precursors they need before they have the patience to stay seated for a Broadway show. Kids will have so much fun in our music classes and interactive puppet shows they won’t even realize they’re learning about rhythm, phonics, and the climate crisis. You think we’re kidding about the last one, but we aren’t—that’s why we love Puppetsburg so much. Check out the class listings for more info.

  • Ramblin' Dan's Freewheelin' Band

    Ages: 6 months - 5 years

    Grab the mic! Using the music to lead the way, your band leader will help your kids jam along on instruments, use various props for activities, read song-based books, learn sign language, do animal-play, and of course clap, dance and sing along.

  • Puppetsburg

    Ages: 6 months - 5 years

    Puppetsburg does interactive, culturally relevant puppet shows for 4mos-4yrs. Our shows are 45 minutes long and involve dancing, instruments, dress-up "photo-ops," and bubble time (!) followed by a different puppet story each week.

  • Rayuela

    Ages: 6 months - 5 years

    A Spanish music class for babies and toddlers who both have Spanish exposure and no Spanish exposure at all! Taught by early childhood educator and a native of Nicaragua, Indiana Bervis, this class will engage kids through play, music, stories, and games.

Movement & Dance

What may look like a bunch of kids rolling, dancing, and singing is, in fact, a bunch of kids rolling, dancing, and singing. In Union Square Play’s developmental movement dance classes for infants through five year olds, all that fun has a purpose: it helps promote kids’ physical, emotional, cognitive, and social development. Director of Movement, Dionne Kamara, and her educators follow the methodology of Anne Green Gilbert and BrainDance, a body- and brain-stimulating warm-up exercise, and use multi-sensory props and instruments to spark kids’ imaginations and motor skills. Classes are split into developmental stages of pre-crawlers, crawlers, and walkers.

  • Movement with Dionne: Pre-crawlers

    Roll, dance, and get plenty of floor time in this dynamic class for growing babies.

  • Movement with Dionne: Crawlers

    For the children who are getting around on their hands and knees like nobody’s business.

  • Movement with Dionne: Walkers

    For kids who are getting used to this whole walking thing.