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67 E 11th Street, NYC

Dance! Play! Ballet! 3 years - Pre-K

January - May Semester

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Uniquely designed for Union Square Play by Colby Treat and Lauren Treat (sisters and professional dancers) in partnership with Dionne Kamara, this class is all of the best traditions of ballet in a nontraditional setting! Think, a combination of conceptual dance, developmental movement, and classical ballet using props, storytelling, music from your favorite ballets, imaginative play, and more. We'll explore concepts of creativity, bodily awareness, rhythm, and social skills all while learning ballet. Our ultimate goal is to instill our young dancers with a love of movement and to advance their physical literacy.

Teacher: Colby Treat

Start & End Dates

January 12 - May 24

Blackout/Vacation Dates

March 29th

Combined Winter / Spring semester is 19 weeks. Pay for 17 weeks and get two as a bonus, or choose two vacation dates that work for you.

Cancellation Policy

Schedules are rigid, kids are not. Let’s make this easy. Each semester has two free classes built in. Use it for your winter break, spring break, or sick break. If you don’t need it, you’ll get to attend two weeks free!

January - May Semester