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67 E 11th Street, NYC

Back Baby

Stage: Newborn - Crawling
Time: 1:15 - 2pm

Let's be real, when your baby is 2, 3, 4 months old, the class is mainly for the caregiver of the baby.

And what better class than one led by one of this city's leading parent and child experts. Dr. Cohen brings her background in child development, clinical expertise and 20 years of experience to guide families through the welcoming of a new child.

This course will address sleeping, feeding, diaper changing, bathing, and mobility, all while learning how to foster independence in your child from day 1.

Parents who enroll in the Toddler RIE class always end up saying, "I wish I would have started this when my child was a newborn!"


CANCELLATION POLICY: RIE classes are offered as a course, and therefore, for RIE class there are no make-ups available. 

No Class: November 24th

Teacher: Dr. Christina Cohen


67 E 11th Street
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