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New Mom Group with Jennie Monness

245 E 84th Street, NYC

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What to expect: You’ve got a baby in your arms and a million tips, book titles, blogs, and other parental tidbits swimming around in your head. Connecting with your baby can, in fact, be simple, real, and fun! Our meetups are designed to help you feel empowered and confident in being a mom, because let’s be real, you’re already crushing it! Led by early childhood educator and mom of two, Jennie Monness, each week will bring new insights into parenting and endless support from your local community of moms going through it with you. We’ll laugh, cry, share and of course we have a few special surprises in store as well. 


Group Details

Moms with babies 0-12 months

Start and End Dates

May 15 - June 19

Blackout Dates

May 22nd

6 Weeks - Semester Only
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