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USP Private Pod

Host a private pod at Union Square Play! You bring the guest list, we'll bring the programming. Your booking includes 4 weeks of the class of your choice. See below for more details. Based off of availability.

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Private Pods at Union Square Play

- 4 Weeks of any available class of your choice.

- Up to 10 kids per pod.

- Most class types can have a wide age range except for Movement.


- $1,500

- Your payment signifies you as the pod leader** and all attendees can coordinate their participation and payment through you.

** Pod leaders reap the loyalty points rewards which earns them 3 free classes!

Cancellation Policy

- In the case of individual spot cancellations, you may transfer any ticket to a friend or receive 25% off a future class booking.

- If for any reason the entire pod needs to cancel a class, we will issue a credit minus the cost of the educator ($150) with at least 48 hours notice.